If you intend to apply for Club 7000 membership, this website can assist you with your application. A successful application requires a certain number of approved removed games, and this site can tell you how many of those you have right now. Please check the discussion forum and make sure you've read about the most up-to-date joining requirements.

An approved removed game in the C7K sense is any Steam game that (1) used to be available for sale on the Steam store, (2) is not available anymore on the Steam store, and (3) has been unavailable for purchase on the Steam store for at least the past three calendar months – rounded up. Knowing which games exactly do or do not qualify can be tedious to find out, which is why this scanner exists to make both your life and the ones of the group administrators easier.

You can use the button above to log into this site with your Steam account. The authentication happens through the Steam OpenID endpoint – which means that we never see your Steam password (nor would we want to), we only see things that are public on your Steam profile. Hence, for the profile scan to work, your profile privacy must be set to "public" (but you can change it back to "private" right afterwards if you want).

After the scan is done, you will see a summary as well as a snippet of BBCode that you can use for your C7K application, assuming you meet all joining requirements. Good luck!